Thursday, May 14, 2009

Planting Day!

Planting day for square-foot-gardening box #1 has arrived! Yesterday I cut the lath boards to make my grid and filled up the box with the prescribed 1/3 vermiculite, 1/3 compost, 1/3 peat moss mixture. What lovely black soil!

First I'm planting a square of each of the spinach, lettuce, and beets I've already started in the backyard. That way I can compare the growth in the 2 locations. Then we add all the seeds and starts we have acquired via saved seeds, trading starts, and purchasing a few starts (my younger son insisted on a trip to the nursery so he could buy a few of "his own" veggies). So the role call in our 24 square-foot garden goes like this:

- One heirloom tomato (traded with sis-in-law)
- One "Stupice" tomato (a delicious Czech variety I love at the farmer's market)
- 3 pickling cucumbers (son wants to make dill pickles!)
- 2 Sugar Pie pumpkins (saved seed from the holidays' pie pumpkin)
- 2 squares (10 plants) full of sweet corn, one type traded and one "Bodacious" from the nursery
- 2 jalapeno peppers (for homemade salsa for hubby and sons)
- 3 squares (27 plants) of Royal Burgundy string beans (will plant in 2-week intervals)
- 2 squares of Copra yellow onions (starts from nursery)
- 1 "Mammoth" dill for pickles, soups, and ranch dressing
- 1 square (16 plants) of "Sparkler" radishes from two year old dollar store seed (we'll see...)
- 1 "Puget Summer" strawberry (son can't wait to try fruit)
- 1 plant "Gold Bar" bush yellow zucchini
- 1 square of strawflowers.

That's a lot of vegetation in a 3 x 8 foot box! We'll see how it goes! This first bed is strictly by the book! We did add 5 foot corner stakes and wrapped the whole box in 3/4" nylon critter netting after hearing from the neighbors what the squirrels have done to their garden starts!

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Sushi Mama said...

Hopefully, we will be throwing veggies at each other in a few months. :) Looks good!