Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One Man's Trash...

... is another man's treasure. I happen to work at a health food store that sells only organic produce. So what can I bring home every evening I work? Free organic compost fodder! Cabbage leaves, kale stem ends, overripe bananas, squishy mushrooms: we got it all.

Since I started composting our kitchen scraps and now am bringing home work compost, my compost production is going way up. I have had to start a second bin while the first one finishes up. Besides food, I am using our lawn cuttings and dried maple leaves that I had insulated our perennials with over the winter. Every third day or so, I dump out the bins, move them a bit, and refill and water them to get the compost all oxygenated. So far, it's working great - the ingredients in the first bin are almost indistinguishable and totally broken down.

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