Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back & Front Yard Successes

Yesterday I "harvested" all the spinach and beets in the shady, poorish-soil backyard bed (you can see where this is headed...). After washing them and taking off the stems, I think I have - a cup and a half. Maybe one salad's-worth. Sigh.

But on the other hand, the Sugar Snap peas in the same bed are doing terrifically! My husband helped me with emergency height-extending poles to train them on up to 6 or 7 feet, since they had outgrown the tomato cages and started to flop over. I picked up another packet of the same seeds, so I can start another crop for the fall. Hey, if I can get something to grow back there, I'll stick with it! I'm sure improving the soil would help...

In the SFG (square foot garden) bed in the front yard, the one month old Regal spinach was ready to pull this morning. Other than some minor bug holes, it is gorgeous. Gotta plant more of this!

2009 Harvest totals:
.5 lb radishes
.5 lb spinach
one individual strawberry!

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