Saturday, June 20, 2009

Recycled Rubber = New Pond!

Last night, our neighbor (who has a pond landscaping business) came by with a "recycled" piece of a pond liner that he had recently replaced on a job. Just the thing we need for our front yard mini-pond! I laid the liner pad in, then the liner, and J helped me fill it up and add some rocks today. We'll need to trim the edging and cover it all around with rocks, but it is looking great, and at the right price - FREE!

We have the cement blocks laid out on top of the grass, fit together in a mosaic pattern. Hopefully we'll find more recycled broken sidewalk this summer to complete the other part of the path. We plan to dig it in flush with the ground then plant the crevices with creeping thyme or some other hardy ground cover.


Phil Schitz here said...

Building the pond is easy. Watching the pond after it's completed is easy.
Maintaining the pond?

That's a whole different story!

Sushi Mama said...

Pool party at their place!