Wednesday, July 01, 2009

We Interrupt the Gardening in Progress...

...for a bathroom mini-remodel. We're having a potluck with some friends from church next Sunday here and it was motivation to finally check this off my summer to-do list.
The cabinets are the original 1960's vanity installed when the house was
built. With a little help from a friend with a mitering saw, we patched the chipped areas in the cupboard doors and trimmed the edges with molding from the hardware store.
Two coats of paint and we were ready to rehang the doors. Then we painted the mirror wall lavender (mixed some white and deep purple wall paint we already had), framed the mirror with some wider molding to hide the aged edges, and painted the light fixture to hide the rust. Viola! Mini-makeover for $25! Well, that doesn't include the parts to reseal the leaking toilet I discovered when I was painting down there... but at least we caught it before the floor was damaged!

Behold the scary "before" pic. It didn't look this bad when we moved in 7 years ago with our then 8 and 5 year old boys...

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