Sunday, February 21, 2010

Febuary: Finishing Phase Two

This weekend made me really thankful for the healthy way that I get to eat regularly. My son was competing at the state high school wrestling tournament at the Tacoma Dome (see his happy face in the center above) and there was hardly a thing I could eat at the concession stands! All very dairy- and gluten- filled, not to mention fatty! I am grateful that I have so many choices at home, and my husband and I both like to cook! Next year when we go to state, I'll bring a cooler of Paula-food in the car!

My Christmas berry bushes arrived! My he-man helper and I got them in the ground today. We planted a Sunshine blueberry, one Autumn Britten red everbear raspberry, one Rosanna red raspberry, and 2 Anne gold raspberries.

We have two more veggie bed frames assembled, so I'll just need to dig the sod out and level the edges to place them.

I am so thankful that we own a house now: we rented for so many years while my hubby was in the Navy and we kept moving around. I have wanted to put down my roots, literally, for a long time.

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