Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Feeling Stitchy

School has begun and Mommy-the-teacher was in need of something to keep her hands busy while she corrects quizzes, proofreads French homework (ha!) and sits on a certain bouncy 10-year-old. Crochet? Naaaaah! It's still too hot for yarn. I'm definitely a seasonal crocheter. Embroidery!

I pulled out this bluebird that I started a while back... no real purpose for it in mind yet. It came from a Martha link I found last year. I love all those birds, but I don't fool myself that I'll do all of them and make a quilt. This one could end up as a pillow. Or a sketchbook cover. Or on a tote.

Some of my other favorite stitchy links are Pattern Bee, the Feeling Stitchy blog, and the Bobby Socks Quilt Company. Many fun free patterns at those sites!

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Esther said...

That's one cute little bird!