Saturday, September 08, 2007

For a Good Cause

J. has found out this summer that he can easily make $10 in just a few hours, sitting in front of house selling lemonade. Of course, he has no overhead, but we'll address that in our homeschool lessons this year! He has a whole "kit" in the garage and can be all set up in minutes. I think his secret is only asking a quarter a cup. He always makes huge tips! We live on a through street in our neighborhood, so he gets good traffic.
This week he got a letter from World Vision telling about the need for donations to send malaria medicines and mosquito nets to needy children. If you send $10, with corporate matching programs, they will get $130 of donations! We sponsored a child in each of our boys' names five years ago, and it has been a great opportunity to learn about their lives, write letters to them, and for our boys to realize their blessings! We receive letters and drawings from their sponsored boys, Augustin in Mexico, and Melusi in South Africa.
So J. decided to sell lemonade today to make $10 to send to them. And as I just saw out the window, as he sold 3 cups to some teenage boys and explained his fundraising, he made his goal!

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Ali said...

Sweet boy. You must be very very proud!