Thursday, September 06, 2007

Goodbye, Friend

Today we said goodbye to our lab puppy, Sammy. She was 12-1/2 and we had had her 9 years. She had been a delicate flower all her life - epileptic and with lots of food and environmental allergies. Not very active or playful, but very loving and a big "talker." We've seen this coming all summer, but it's still hard.
Lying in the sunshine in the grass, like this photo from May, was one of her pleasures. Her little puppy brother doesn't get it yet. Bye, big sis.


Nancy Bea said...

I'm so sorry! What a lovely photo and way to remember her,happy and lying in the sun.

MamaZuzi said...

Sorry for your loss. Our lab mix is probably about 10 or so and in good health but I'm sorry about when the time comes ... especially with 2 little kids.

Ali said...


Mitchypoo said...

I'm so sorry for your loss... I lost my Simba this January, a black lab cross and it can be so painful. My thoughts with you and her brother.

jeannie adn david said...

We wish we would have heard about Sam over the phone, but thanks for letting us know. We are sure that she will be missed. Thanks for taking such good care of her for us for so many years.

jeannie & david